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PTB-R200 Drag/Drift 1800NM

PTB-R200 Drag/Drift 1800NM

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Developed only for motorsport? not quite but for those who are on the track most frequently.
Unlike other products, the pressure point is not excessively hard and you do not need a pedal limiter.
The clutch benefits from increased contact pressure (clutch clamping force) and the pedal feel is also very easy to adjust thanks to its tipping point.
The pressure plate and the intermediate disc have a special shape/geometry to avoid thermal deformation.


- Aluminum pressure plate "PTB-R200"
-Pressure plate ( c-141-01)
-Intermediate disc (c-142-01)
-2 friction discs adjusted in height to the height of the input shaft (2* c-214-si-7.8 -200-02m)
-Steel steering wheel (0156-06)
-Torque locking screw (2* per system)

Total weight: 9.9 kg

This kit does not require any modification to the vehicle!
It has been developed in such a way that it is exactly the same as an original. The coupling system matches.


Height: 46.5 mm
Height of the tensioned diaphragm spring: 42 mm
Trigger force: 1900-2400-2000N (original clutches: 1700-2000-1800N)
Clamping force: 18000N
Central diameter: 201.98 mm
Heel height: 2.5 mm

There are free (floating) intermediate discs, which means you can hear a sort of clicking sound when you press the clutch.
Due to the rigid system, gear devices are also available.
If you can't live with that or if you don't know if this system is right for you, don't hesitate to ask us, we also have many alternatives.

PTB-R200 Drag/Drift 1800NM
PTB-R200 Drag/Drift 1800NM


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